June 23, 2012

Spinning With Joy

This past Thursday I was able to spend the afternoon spinning with Joy, a weaver and spinner who has been in business for a really long time. She makes amazingly beautiful wool rugs. Met by way of my mom's co-worker, she was going to give me some tips on spinning. But when I showed her what I have done, she said I was a good as she was, and I didn't need any lessons from her. I got to spin some Navajo-Churro wool that she uses. It was amazing. I ordered a raw fleece in tan and I'm going to learn how to scour it. This is the wool I did with Joy. This is my franken-yarn since I used four different colors, and three different types of wool to spin. It looks neat, though.

This is the Lincoln Top I dyed with food coloring last year, I spun it up as a last resort because I ran out of everything else. (The fiber is horrendous to spin, it's so coarse it rubs my fingers raw). I love how it spun up, and I do have enough to spin another bobbin with, which should keep me busy until I can pick up my Navajo-Churro fleece Monday.
I'm so excited to spin up more yarn. Along with that I have an old sheet to cut up and weave into a rag rug. So I have a busy weekend ahead of me. : D

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