June 9, 2012


Yes, I have a loom. A full size sits on the floor kind of loom. It has a 45inch weaving width, 4 harnesses and is counterbalance. LeClerc made. I was looking on craigslist and found it. My parents and boyfriend both offered to pitch in as an early birthday present. I'm so happy. It's beautiful. I looked at it for a day too afraid to touch it because I still couldn't believe that it was mine. Finally I got the courage to sit down at it. I've never sat down at a loom so large before. I felt incredibly small. But I knew it was time to at least begin. I secured the treadles to the harnesses and then began the warping process.

This ended up being the largest warp I have ever done. White with an off-center pink stripe. I'm hoping to make a few rag rugs on it. I cut up some old t-shirts and rolled them into proper looking balls. I wove that into a mini rug and ran out of t-shirt yarn. So I cut it down. I didn't have anything else that matched. I then took some fabric and wove a long rug that reminds me of a garden.

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