June 22, 2012

Fiber, Fiber, Fiber

Since my spinning wheel was fixed, I've only stopped spinning when my fingers grew too raw. I've spun up almost all of the fiber I have, and some that I was given by a really awesome weaver/spinner. I've only made 4.5 bobbins worth of yarn. But it's been great. I have two bobbins of Norwegian Top, and one of some wool, but I don't remember what kind.
The first here is the unknown wool. The second, silvery one is the Norwegian Top. Love it. It's like liquid.

I've also signed up for the TdF on ravelry. So I'm hoping to use that opportunity to improve my blossoming spinning skills. I'm also considering buying a fleece to dye and use for the Tour de Fleece. It sounds like a fun challenge.

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