June 14, 2012

My First Real Handwoven Rug

The woman we bought my loom from was an amazing individual. She showed me some of the rugs she wove on it. They were so beautiful I decided I had to attempt it myself. My first real rug (I made a square that I do not count) was made of fabric that I cut into strips and wove accordingly. It's 23"x50" So it's longer by a tiny bit than the standard rag rug. So, here are some picture of the weaving process, and then some of the finished piece. One, with my Luna sitting in the middle looking lovely. The camera did wash the colors out, quite a bit in fact, but there it is.

Now that this one is done, I have measured out the warp for my next rug. A Fuchsia and Turquoise warp!  Along with that I was finally able to spin my first yarn on my Spinning Wheel. Which even for a beginner like me was way faster than a drop spindle. My dad was the awesome person he is and helped me (more like did the whole thing himself) replace certain pieces using the Ashford Maintenance Kit. So, now, it's pretty much good to go. Love it!
The flash was on so you can't make out texture, but it's there, and I'll post a better picture when the bobbin is full. Yesterday was the most productive day I've had in ages.

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