October 3, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal For Fall Weather

My color choices this time certainly reflect my desire for leaves changing, and a chill in the air. Since I live in Tucson, Arizona I have a bit of a wait for fall weather. I went to the local yarn store instead of purchasing things online (it ended up being far more expensive this way). So it isn't something I'll be able to do again anytime soon. However, I wanted to do one really nice piece with really nice materials this semester, so I guess this is it. I hadn't intended on it though. I had a beautiful scarf in mind, but these colors are not that scarf. So I need to come up with a different idea here. My next scarf will follow my intended design. I just wanted to share the colors I came up with.

October 1, 2011

Diamonds and Cloth

My first project is almost completed. I used the Handweaver's Pattern Dictionary and it was so very helpful. Learning to read the weave pattern in and of itself was interesting. I had to get help with that honestly. I was initially just looking at the images and picking the weave pictured apart to figure out how to do it. This project was done with a weave from the book, and a lot of David Bowie tunes. Entirely of cotton. I used seven different colors. It vaguely resembles plaid, but I wouldn't say it is.

It was intended to be a wrap but having neglected to account for my chest in the measurements, that is no longer the case. I plan to take it in on Monday and ask my instructor for some advice. She might be able to help me get it to still become a wrap of some sort.

At any rate, here is the process itself, in some poor quality pictures.