October 1, 2011

Diamonds and Cloth

My first project is almost completed. I used the Handweaver's Pattern Dictionary and it was so very helpful. Learning to read the weave pattern in and of itself was interesting. I had to get help with that honestly. I was initially just looking at the images and picking the weave pictured apart to figure out how to do it. This project was done with a weave from the book, and a lot of David Bowie tunes. Entirely of cotton. I used seven different colors. It vaguely resembles plaid, but I wouldn't say it is.

It was intended to be a wrap but having neglected to account for my chest in the measurements, that is no longer the case. I plan to take it in on Monday and ask my instructor for some advice. She might be able to help me get it to still become a wrap of some sort.

At any rate, here is the process itself, in some poor quality pictures.


  1. Holy Shit! Girl you are getting so good it is insane! I am so proud of you!

  2. <3 Thanks Sandra! I'm really proud of this piece. It's my best one.