July 5, 2012

Tour de Fleece Part 1

Since getting my wheel up and running, I've been spinning up a storm. I've spun through all of the fiber I had in two weeks and spun some silk, Norwegian top, mystery wool, Lincoln top, Churro, and a blended art batt. The Churro I scoured myself and have three lbs of.

 This is silk that I've dyed myself. It was a gift, and it was so super fun to spin.
 This is the first of my Navajo-Churro.
 Here's the art batt. I've spun half of it. and have two more batts to spin afterwards.
The Tour de Fleece has been really great for me. I've learned a lot, and made some really lovely yarn. I'm excited to see how much I can spin during this Tour. 

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