December 11, 2010

End Of The Semester

Well, Monday is the official last day of weaving class for me. I will receive my projects (now graded) have my review/sit-down with the instructor and be on my way. I'm excited to take my pieces home and put them to use. Mainly as gifts. These two however, I am keeping for myself. They are Parts A and B of my final project. Initially they were meant to be one fabulous messenger bag, but I wove B too wide and now it is a scarf. My colors...are insanely bright. Which makes me appreciate the Black and White warp as they really help to break up the brightness. I would imagine someone who knows a great deal about color theory and color in general might have something to say about them. They do seem to scream at me. But enough babbling. Here they are:

Final Project A:
He has a face! I should name him Frank.

Project B:
This is my scarf, prior to the fringe...which took quite a few hours. So I will show an up close image of it.
Hours and hours of work...and probably Carpal Tunnel. It's much lovelier in person I assure you. :) I've already got my table loom partially set up with my next project.

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