December 17, 2010

Weaving In Inches

My table loom has been warped and woven on for the last few days. It took some mental adjustments to get used to. I learned on a Schacht Baby Wolf. A really great floor loom. I'll have one someday. But To go from that to a vintage table loom (which is of course much smaller) wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I'm there though. I have a fairly decent system worked out for using the hand levers.

The only downside is that with the end of the semester and the holidays, I haven't had as much time to weave as I needed. I'm working on an Xmas gift, that will not be able to arrive on time with shipping and all. But I'm still weaving an inch or two in between running around and studying. It'll get there. Just not on time. Even still, I'm hoping it will turn out and that the person it is intended for enjoys it. Of course, there will be a photo once it's finished. :)


  1. I saw my first loom while studying for occupational therapy way back was love at first sight. 40 years (yikes) later I still love all things fiber. You have a fun journey ahead. One of the best things I learned from warping a loom is patience!


  2. Thank you :) I've wanted to learn since I saw a loom in the art class years ago in high school. I finally was able to take a class (I wanted to be sure it was right for me before I purchased one) But it's in my blood now. :)