December 23, 2010

Weaving In Inches Part Two: The Finishing.

I cut my weaving off the loom around 3am Tuesday morning. It looked pretty good. The underside looked particularly woolly with the yarn bits hanging out. I hung it on my headboard and went to sleep. The following day I put Futurama on via netflix. It took me two movies, and 4 Episodes of season 4 to weave all my ends in. But it looked great. I Folded both sides under and hemmed them. It felt stiff...but I had never blocked anything before, and was afraid it would start fulling. So I did some reading online to find out the best approach. Finding little information (mostly due to the fact that I was most likely not putting the correct phrase into the search engine) so I decided to do it the 'safe' way first, and if that didn't work, the scary risky way.

The safe way involved using the steam from my iron directly on the scarf, then putting a towel over it and pressing it with the iron. Repeating for both sides. The risky way would have been without the towel. But the safe way worked fine. I pressed until my arms were sore. Hung it up as it was still damp. Once it dried it was soft, and flowed nicely. I wrapped it up and shipped it out. I was shocked to find that it would make it there on the 24th. In time for Xmas! Hurray! So here are some pictures I took before blocking, and after.

Before Blocking:


And there it is, about to be wrapped up.Hopefully he likes it.
Happy Xmas everyone. : D

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