November 26, 2010

It's Going To Be An Awesome Christmas (And Another Bag)

I am really lucky to have the supportive family that I do. They support my fiber habit, let me make them things, and in general are great. So for Christmas, I was able to pick something I wanted within a particular price range. I decided I wanted something that would enable me to do something crafty.

Being realistic, I knew the chances of me getting the four harness loom that I wanted in my price range were about none. So I started looking for a rigid frame loom, used on ebay. I stumbled upon a random table loom in the bunch very close to my price range. I was shocked. I actually *could* possibly get a loom in table form. However, I am picky. I had a certain vision in my mind of what I knew would be ideal. Being stubborn that I am I refused to budge from this ideal. So for three weeks I hunted. I watched, found many that 'might' work, but not quite right. Today, I won my loom. I was certain I'd lose out, but I did not. Victory. I am happy, I won't have to stop weaving after class is over, and I didn't have to settle for something that really wouldn't suit my needs.
This is a picture of someone elses loom, but mine is the same model
I'm excited to get it and start weaving with it!

On a complete side note I did make another bag from my weaving. My mom had a fabulous idea to sew buttons on for closures and decoration.
It's just a small clutch made from my twill sample piece. The weaves themselves did not photograph all to well ;) It's lovely in person.

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