September 27, 2012

The Mahogany Beauty

I missed my wheel. So much. It's sitting comfortably at my parents home with my loom. Most likely waiting for my return. It's a sturdy wheel, it has no qualms about spinning whatever fiber I want, whatever quality. My clumsy spinning techniques aside, it doesn't complain. I've never taken a wheel apart, and I didn't know how to tell my parents to take it apart and ship it to me.

So, I scoured ravelry, searching for one that I could afford. I finally found one. An Ashford Elizabeth I. She arrived Tuesday. She's a bit finicky, but that's okay. We're just getting used to one another. Definitely not as easy going as my Ashford Traditional. But, I couldn't expect a different wheel to act the same way as my first wheel. That's just setting myself up for disappointment. In two days I've spun three bobbins. (I don't count today because I haven't spun anything). So, it's all ready to be plied together. :)

So there she is. My Rosalinde (that's her name). This is my second wheel, and the first I've used with a double drive system. It can be converted to scotch tension, but I'm not overly interested in doing so at this point. I plan to refinish her this summer, as you can probably tell, the finish has seen better days. But, I'll stick with the Mahogany finish, because it suits this wheel so well. I'm so happy to spin again. It was just lucky that I ended up acquiring funds that I normally wouldn't have had. I should have probably spent them on rent or the two medical bills I have to pay, but I was so depressed. Without my wheel and loom I felt lost. Now, I can at least keep doing what I love doing, spinning. Here's what I've done the last two days:

 I feel better than I have since I left my loom and wheel. 

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