January 18, 2012

Two Weeks Into the Spring Semester.

Well, I did it. I moved 1000 miles (more) away to go to school. The most heartbreaking thing was leaving my cat and my loom behind. But, they are both with my parents. So I know they will be in good care. But I still miss them. I did bring my drop spindles, knitting needles, and yarn. So I am not without my fiber goods. I'm in my second week of school. Ironically I was unable to get into a fiber class. So I'll have to wait until next semester. I'll keep myself busy with spinning and knitting. I could set up a tiny loom if I get stir crazy.

But so far so good. The weather is cold, and beautiful. The campus is lovely and my classes are pretty interesting so far. I hope my education will provide me with a boost out in the job world. I'll keep going for now.

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