May 4, 2011

So Many Projects, Not Enough Time In The Day

I have been quite busy. No pictures yet. Since I'm working on so many things, school and work included that I haven't finished one of them yet :) I started working so, combined with school means a lot less fiber time for me. But, I can buy more supplies. So it's okay.

In the realm of knitting I started two projects, a headband with a bow, and a pair of socks. :) Both are looking great so far. I'm using some handspun for the headband.

I am almost finished weaving the hat for a family friend. I lost steam and energy at the halfway point and decided to work on it for a couple hours today. It's really progressed. :)

I've started two spinning projects. One is a large endeavor. I decided to spin enough Norwegian wool to make a sweater for my boyfriend. It's going to be pretty time consuming, but so far it's been a dream to spin up. The color is magnificent. I just hope I ordered enough fiber. He also surprised me with some silk fiber, remembering that I'd been wanting to try my hand at it, he ordered me some. <3 Very sweet. But, I didn't have a light enough drop spindle to spin it. So right up until 20 minutes ago, it's been sitting in my desk drawer, calling to me. It's amazing. It sticks to my super dry hands, but it spins so fine, I love it. I'll be quite busy spinning for a while. That's not even including the Lincoln top I still have over half the bag of. (I hate spinning it, it feels like doll hair).

So here is my new spindle, and my silk! <3 Glorious, and tiny.

But that's what I've been up to :)

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